Privacy statement Inspirit Art Store

You know us (or want to get to know us better): we test and sell products that make our hearts skip a beat and provide service as if we are the customers. For your privacy, the same applies. You trust us with your information and we promise to treat it with care. As if it concerns our privacy. How do we do it? We love to explain. Are you left with any remaining questions after reading this statement? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

We store your information at a secure location, protected by the most modern techniques. Our employees are aware of the content of the privacy laws and will do whatever it takes to live by the rules. Not only today but also tomorrow and next year. In addition, we will, of course, include the customer’s privacy with every new and awesome thing we introduce in the future.

We go the extra mile, as you might have learned over the years. When we work with third parties – below you will read why and when we do that – we ask them to treat your information as carefully as we do, knowing that the information will only be used for the purpose for which it was intended. However, if, despite everything, you feel that there is room for us to improve, let us know by contacting our customer service.

This statement was last amended on 24 Nov 2023. The information in this statement applies to Inspirit Art Store

  • What data do we collect?

When you order at our website we need data to make sure we can, for instance, complete the payment correctly and ship your package to the right address. Or if we need to reach you if something goes wrong with your order. We also collect cookies, but more about that later.


These are the personal data we collect:

Phone number

Invoice address

Email address

IP address

Payment method

Order history

Customer account

Have you got an account with us? If you do you can look at your order history, manage your wish list, and subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter. If there is anything you would like to change you can only do so for the time being by contacting our customer service.

  • For what purpose do we collect this data?

It sounds obvious: to deliver an order we need your address, or that of the recipient. We, however, would still like to explain.

  • Processing your order

To properly process your order, we use your data. We store your information just in case you would like to return your products or for warranty purposes.

If necessary, we can also share your information with third parties such as our carriers to make sure your order is properly processed.

  • Processing payment transactions

To properly process the payment of your order you choose a payment method. You share the remaining information with this payment method and your bank, not with us.

  • Communication

To simplify the communication concerning your offer and/or other questions, we use your contact information. This information and the contents of this communication between you and us are stored at a secure location.

Via our web shop, we always enable you to ask questions via different channels (such as chat, email, telephone, and social media). You are the one to decide which information you provide when you use one of these channels.

  • Execution of statutory duty

To comply with our legal obligation, we store your order history, including the payment details, within the set statutory period. The Tax and Customs Administration requires us to store our administration including your invoice, payment, and order history for seven years.

  • Fraud prevention

In order to prevent fraud we, if there is a legitimate interest, will use your IP address, address and payment information. In the case of an official request from an authority in the field of law and order we will share this information.

  • Retention periods

The personal data will be stored as long as is necessary to process your order(s), including the guarantee unless there is a legal obligation that requires longer storage (like the fiscal storage obligation as mentioned above).

  • Disclosure to third parties

We pass on your information to our partners involved in the execution of our business. Under no circumstances are they allowed to use this information for other purposes than those stated by us. The secure transfer of your information is guaranteed by an editorial agreement between Inspirit Art Store and the partner in question. We are committed to this. If we are not satisfied, we will stop all cooperation.

Our web shop has been enhanced with social media buttons. These buttons will only provide a link and won’t share personal information with third parties. Because you can log in via a social media account, the social media party involved will pass on the email address that belongs to the user account.

  • Security

We take technical and organizational security measures to limit abuse and unauthorized access to personal information. Our internet connection is secured. Access to our database is restricted via secured accounts. Our employees are aware of the new privacy rules and adhere to them.

  • Newsletter

We send out a weekly newsletter in which we want to inform interested parties about our products and the amazing adventures that lie ahead when you use them. During the ordering process, or via your account, you can register to our newsletter. Each newsletter contains a link you can use to unsubscribe. Sometimes we send newsletters to a smaller group of subscribers with subjects we believe not everyone is interested in.

  • Cookies

With a cookie, your visit to our website will be even more fun! Cookies make sure that you don’t always have to fill out the same information when you frequently visit our website. For instance, the contents of your shopping cart will be stored for you.

If you don’t close the cookie alert but click through, we will interpret this as permission to use cookies. We have made agreements with third parties who place cookies about the use of cookies and applications. However, we do not have full control over what the providers of these applications do with the cookies when they read them. For more information on how these applications use cookies, we would like to refer to the privacy statement given by these third parties.

Visit the cookie page for more information. You can always remove the cookies via the browser settings.

  • Accessing and changing your data

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or questions about access to, or changes made to (or removal of) your personal data, you can contact us at any time via the information listed below. To prevent abuse we may ask you to identify yourself adequately. We want to prevent anyone from having control over your personal information. It is best to submit your request by email.

  • Don’t agree with something?

We will be happy to help you if you have any complaints about how we handle your personal information. Furthermore, we are eager to hear more about your tips and suggestions.