Experience the Inspirit Art’s “Norse Wolf head Engraved Axe with shield”, an authentic portrayal of Medieval weaponry crafted for battle and hunting.

The Norse Wolf head Engraved Axe is a stunning blend of historical design, expert craftsmanship, and symbolic meaning. This axe captures the essence of Viking weaponry and artistry, making it a coveted piece for collectors, reenactors, and enthusiasts of Norse culture.

  • Overall length: 36 inches
  • Blade length: 8 inches
  • Sheath: Cowhide leather with a belt loop
  • Handle material: Rose Wood with leather
  • Weight: 2700 grams (approximately)

Wolf Viking Shield:

  • Diameter: 23 inches
  • Material: Wood with leather
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Composition and care
Composition and care

Characteristics of wood :

  • Hard, compact , fiberous and porous
  • Good wood gives a rich, warm and beautiful surface.

Wood is used for the construction of:

  • Floor, Furniture, Walls
  • Incidental furnishing (lampshades, picture frames)
  • Kitchen & restaurant ware


Norse Wolf head Engraved Axe and accompanying shield are more than just functional tools; they are symbolic representations of a bygone era, embodying the spirit and craftsmanship of the legendary Viking warriors.

Materials and Craftsmanship: Crafted by skilled blacksmiths using traditional techniques, the axe is forged from high-carbon steel, ensuring exceptional durability and sharpness. The meticulous hand-forging process results in a blade that is not only sharp but also robust enough for heavy-duty tasks like cutting wood, chopping, or even combat if needed.

The handle, made from quality Rose Wood and reinforced with leather, provides a secure and comfortable grip, essential for wielding the axe with precision and control. The shield, crafted from sturdy wood and leather, complements the axe perfectly, creating a cohesive set that is as visually striking as it is functional.

Intricate Engravings: The standout feature of this axe is undoubtedly the intricately engraved wolf head adorning the tail of the axe. Every detail, from the wolf’s fur to its piercing eyes and fierce snarl, is meticulously captured, showcasing the artisan’s skill and attention to detail. This engraving not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the axe but also holds deep symbolic meaning in Norse mythology.

Symbolism and Heritage: In Norse culture, the wolf symbolizes strength, courage, and loyalty, qualities revered by Viking warriors. The association with Odin, the All-Father, and his faithful wolves Geri and Freki further enhances the axe’s significance. Owning this axe is not just possessing a weapon; it’s embracing a legacy, a connection to a rich heritage of exploration, conquest, and adventure.

Versatile Utility: While the axe and shield are crafted with historical accuracy in mind, they are fully functional for modern-day use. Whether you’re a collector, a historical enthusiast, or someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, this set is a versatile addition to your collection. Use it for display in themed environments, reenactments, or even practical outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

Size and Weight: With an overall length of 36 inches and a blade length of 8 inches, the axe is designed for two-handed use, providing optimal control and power in each swing. The shield, with a diameter of 23 inches, offers ample protection without compromising maneuverability. Despite their size, both the axe and shield are surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at approximately 2700 grams, making them easy to wield for extended periods.

Artistic Detailing and Authenticity: In addition to the wolf head engraving, both the axe and shield may feature further artistic detailing such as Norse runes, knotwork patterns, or decorative elements. These embellishments not only enhance the visual appeal but also add to the authenticity, transporting you back to the rugged landscapes and epic tales of Viking lore.

A Testament to History: Owning the Hand Forged Viking Wolf Head Engraved Medieval Axe and Shield is more than acquiring a piece of weaponry; it’s owning a piece of history. It’s a tangible link to a time when axes like these were not just tools but symbols of bravery, honor, and adventure. Add this exceptional set to your collection and immerse yourself in the legacy of the Viking age.


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